Friday, March 19, 2010

Training Wheels

The time has arrived that one of the last toddler items in our home will soon be cast away.  My 6 year old son Dylan is ready to ride his bike without his training wheels.  He has become quite the bike rider with his training wheels; whizzing up and down our driveway like an expert biker.  It is going to be an adjustment when he realizes that those little noisemakers were really giving him extra balance.  But, without taking off his training wheels, he will never learn to truly balance and trust himself.

This poses a question for you, what training wheels do you still have firmly attached in life?  Are you using something as a security blanket?  Is there something or someone that you are leaning a bit too hard on, so that you don't need to trust and balance within? 

Many of my clients have found themselves immersed in clutter as a result of bad habits.  They often do things, collect things, save things, shop for things, and even sometimes hoard things because it is what they have always done.  Those things seem to prop them up, give them security as they ride through life. 

What will happen if they kick off those training wheels?  Much like my son, they will probably fall flat on their face a couple times.  But the real strength comes as they hop back on the bike.  Soon, they will begin to trust in themselves and not the annoying noise-makers that used to slow them down and hold them back.

My dear friends, I ask you to give a thought to what is holding you back today.  Let me assure you, that you don't need the clutter in your life that seems to give you the comfort.  You will be stronger without it.  The more you let go, the more you will learn that you are so much more capable than you have given yourself credit. 

Take off those training wheels and ride like you have never rode before...


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