Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thicker Than Water

This past weekend a few of my female adult (I term I use loosely) relatives and went away for our annual shopping extravaganza. Our destination was not even 2 hours away, yet we saw it fit to require 2 nights stay at a hotel. Who needs 3 full days and 2 nights shopping? Noone, but we certainly weren't sharing that information with our husbands! It was not the shopping that we needed, it was the time together.

Being the good professional organizer, I was my #1 client for the week leading up to the trip. I cleaned out all of our closets so I had a clear understanding of not only what I needed, but what I did not need (far more important). I created my list and I was ready to go! I remind all of you to make sure you do this before you shop. It is amazing what you forget that you own!

We started this annual shopping trip a few years ago and every year it has become more and more an essential part of our summer plans. To devote a few days to yourself (money & time) is so needed. To allow yourself a little bit of what you freely give to everyone else throughout the year is so welcomed and needed. But even more important, to strengthen your family roots somehow makes your own leaves that much brighter and the fruits of your spirit that much sweeter.