Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spreading a little fairy dust...

Sitting outside my office is 5 bags of outgrown clothes from my family, ready to be sent to the local charity store. This is the best feeling! Now, I admit, I love shopping. I love everything about it! Malls, outlet stores, catalogs, and online; I simply love a good bargain; and wearing a new outfit makes me feel simply amazing. But new clothes are only new for a moment and the feeling fades quickly, doesn’t it? That is why being able to pack up clothes that I don't use, can make me feel even better! Especially when I know someone else will use that which was simply cluttering up my space.

Often times as I am working with clients they struggle with getting rid of things that they "might" need someday. I understand this, but I am also am a firm believer that what goes around - comes around. Why keep something you "might" need, when someone else DEFIINATELY needs it right now. Now, I am not saying that you should toss out baby clothes when you are planning on another child, but when you are finished with that chapter, it is a great idea to give to someone else who is in need. And it can, quite frankly, feel amazing.

There are many different categories of clothing that we have in our closets, but today I want to focus on used prom gowns. There is a wonderful organization that I read about recently called Operation Fairy Dust: www.operationfairydust.org This amazing charity is in NYC and is a non-profit group that is providing prom dresses, accessories, and even makeup to girls who might otherwise not be able to afford to go to their prom. This organization is made up of volunteers who are spreading their love to those around them, but they could not operate without the donations of those who are willing to keep their memories of their proms, but let their dresses fulfill the dreams of someone else.

If we could all accept that mantra; to keep the memories but let go of the stuff... our homes would be so less complicated, wouldn't they? The next time you are going through your drawers and closets, instead of saying, "What if I might need it someday," ask yourself, "Who could use this now?" I promise you, the reward of giving is well worth your effort, and your de-cluttered drawers and closets will thank you!