Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Decade of Blessings

10 years ago I became a mommy. While other kids were making plans to become Doctors, and Lawyers, policemen, and firefighters, all I wanted to do was have a family. I was far too old to play with dolls, yet cuddling and nurturing a toy gave me a glimpse into the future I so desperately wanted.
The road to become a mommy was not simple. There was infertility and loss. I did everything right, yet seemed unable to have a baby. I made the painful conscious decision that if I were not blessed by having a baby of my own, I would make it my mission to be the best aunt, cousin, etc. to the children in my life. Not soon after making the proclamation to myself, I became pregnant... and stayed pregnant, and had my baby girl. The baby girl for whom I had dreamed of since I was old enough to dream.

Now, Juliet Kramer was not born the sweet, kind, and happy girl that you would see in her today. She came into the world with drama (I had pre-eclampsia with her and had to deliver her early), and she made her presence VERY known during the first three months of her life, as she had one massive case of colic that rendered her screaming for hours upon hours upon hours... and so on, and so on, and so on. I cannot believe that her vocal chords, and our dwindling patience, could handle such screaming.

During this time, we burned out 2 vacuum cleaners. It seemed the best thing to calm her was to turn on the vaccum cleaner; so if you had popped by our home during that time, you would find bleary eyed parents, watching closed caption television, and listening to a blaring vacuum cleaner running yet parked in the corner.

Those months are but a brief memory, and her addition to our life is irreplaceable. When we had Dylan nearly five years ago, I realized what completion felt like. Looking at perfection in my arms, my heart felt full, nearly overflowing.

Happiness and contentment for me is being a Mom. Knowing that someday my kids will look to me at where the bar should be raised as a parent is a huge responsibility; and one I do not take lightly. I make mistakes daily, and I wish I knew all the answers and pray that someday they will use my mistakes as lessons for themselves. I know there will be rough days ahead, but I am so grateful for every last day that has been behind us.

The bad moments don't even compare to the blessings that being parents have brought to our lives. Thank you, God, for giving us these two beautiful blessings to take care of for you. Now I just pray you stand by our side even closer as we approach the TEEN YEARS!!