Friday, October 17, 2008

Bare Necessities of Life

I was listening to a Retail expert speaking about the economic crisis and the tremendous impact on retail stores. I am horribly saddened by the impact that the slow down of our economy as it affects many in the retail industry (owners, employees, investors, etc). but I am also encouraged by a change of direction by us as Americans.

As I was listening to this expert, he said that the huge crunch to the industry has been caused by people just buying the necessities. People are trying to make each dollar count, and are making careful considerations before spending anything. The days of the buy now, pay later (sometimes with big interest) may be over.

On one hand I am glad that we've come to this realization. I am just sad for the many casualties left behind - and those inevitable ones which have yet to feel the swift kick of reality. Our lives are changing; it us up to us to choose whether we will make it change for the better or worse.

Money will not bring happiness, but it does help offer security. Faith without works will not pay the electrical bill, and positive thinking without effort won't buy groceries. What am I getting at? We must make a consious decision to take the life that is now upon us and make it work for us. It may be hard, but the rewards will be great; perhaps far greater than if these days had never occured in our lives.

Consider what are the necessities in your life. Spend time with those that you love. There are some estimates that go as high as 40% of a decline of the time that Americans spend with their children compared to 30 years ago.

I pray that we as a society come out of this a stronger more grounded group of people. I pray our children learn as a result that they cannot buy their soul; and they are more than what they own. My hope is that our bare necessities, priorities and goals will mesh creating within us a more contented, fulfilled individuals immersed with gratitude for what we have, rather unrest for what we seeminly want.

Enjoy the bare necessities in your life...

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