Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EASY One Week Plan to Clean/Organize Your Living Room, Dining Room, and Family Room

This week we are working in the living room, family room and dining room. If you have decided to define zones differently in your home, just adjust these challenges to best suit your needs.

Sit down with a piece of paper and write down everything that you would like to get done in these areas this week.  Be realistic with how much time you have to work on this project.  Break each job into small tasks achievable tasks. Below is a sample of my list:

Dust furniture
Dust walls, ceilings, corners, ceiling fans
Thorough vacuum of the room including corners and under furniture
Take down curtains and wash according to directions
Clean windows & windowsills
Purge and clean knick knacks
Wash baseboards, radiators, doors, etc.
Decorate for Fall

Now break the large list into daily checklists.  I find it easiest for me to spend between 15-30 minutes each day on these challenges.  In your own circumstances, you may have to break it up differently.  Keep in mind, the true goal in this overhaul is to simply get things clean and organized before Thanksgiving.  It doesn’t matter if you do it 15 minutes each day, or take one day a week and devote a couple hours to the project.
Here’s a sample:

Day #1:
Grab a bag and purge! Set the timer for 15-30 minutes and purge what you can. If this is a project that requires more than the time permits, just write this down for a project to do when you have a chance. Don't let yourself get stuck!

Day #2:
Clean ceiling fan, walls, doors, ceilings, baseboards, etc.

Day #3 :
Purge and clean knick knacks, frames, DVD’s, books, etc.

Day #4:
Take down curtains and wash
Clean the windowsills and trim
Windex windows, mirrors, and all glass surfaces
Hang the window treatments back up

Day #5:
Dust all the furniture thoroughly

Day #6 :
Clean under couch and chair cushions
Thoroughly vacuum the floors (don't forget the corners and under furniture)

Day #7:
Free Day (or catch up)

Some of the tasks may need more time than what you have this week. An example of this would be if you really need a thorough de-cluttering of your movies, cd's, or books. For larger tasks, skip it for now (or do what you can without making a larger mess for yourself) and make a to-do list. At the end of our 8 weeks (or during, when you have the time) you can go back to the list to see what needs to still be addressed. I don't want you to get stuck and lose your momentum.

Before you start a cleaning and purging session change into comfortable clothes.  Next, turn off the ringer on your phone and allow your answering machine to get your messages.  Pour yourself your favorite beverage (mine is hot tea), and grab a bucket of hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth, and a couple garbage bags.  Turn on your favorite upbeat (cleaning) music and set your timer for 15 minutes (or whatever time you have allotted).  You will be amazed what can be accomplished in a short amount of time!! 
Happy Cleaning!!

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