Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Overhaul 8 Week Challenge: Week #2 Master Bedroom

We are working on our first zone this week. For me that is my Master Bathroom and Bedroom. If you have decided to define zones differently in your home, just adjust these challenges to best suit your needs.

Break this job into small tasks

Below is a sample of my list:

Purge and clean storage areas-Bedroom and Master Bath (list each drawer, closet, cabinet etc., individually)
Dust furniture
Dust walls, ceilings, corners, ceiling fans
Thorough vacuum of the room including corners and under furniture
Take down curtains and wash according to directions
Clean windows & windowsills
Purge and clean knick knacks
Wash baseboards, radiators, doors, etc.
Wash all bedding and flip mattress

Now break the large list into daily checklists:

Purge and dust knick knacks, books, frames, etc.
Purge and clean 3 drawers/cabinet

Clean ceiling fan, walls, doors, ceilings, baseboards, etc.
Purge and clean 3 drawers/cabinet

Clean out closets (wipe down walls, sweep floors, purge and sort) - Do as much of this as you can. If this is a project that requires more than 1 hour, just write this down for a project to do when you have a chance. Don't let yourself get stuck!

Take down curtains and wash (I am actually going to use a dry cleaning bag and do this myself in the dryer). Don’t have time for this?  Take the panels off the rod and take them outside and give a good shake!!
Clean the windowsills and trim
Clean windows and mirrors
Hang the window treatments back up
Purge and clean 3 drawers/cabinet :

Dust all the furniture thoroughly
Clean the master bathroom tub, shower, and sink
Purge and clean 3 drawers/cabinets

Clean bed linens and flip mattress
Clean out underneath the bed
Purge and clean last of drawers/cabinets
Thoroughly vacuum the floors (don't forget the corners)

Before you start any of the above projects, make sure you start with a straightened room. Place clean laundry away and dirty laundry in the hamper. Make your bed and put away anything that does not belong in your room.

Some of the tasks may need more time than what you have this week. An example of this would be if you really need a thorough de-cluttering of your closet. For larger tasks, skip it for now (or do what you can without making a larger mess for yourself) and make a to-do list. At the end of our 8 weeks (or during, when you have the time) you can go back to the list to see what needs to still be addressed. I don't want you to get stuck and lose your momentum.

Time to treat yourself!!  Purchase a bottle of lavender essential oil.  In a small spray bottle add a touch of the lavender oil to water. Sprits throughout the room and enjoy the relaxing aroma!  Next, unscrew the light bulbs from the lights in your bedroom.  Dab some lavender oil on a cotton ball and rub gently on the bulb (not the screw-in metal part).  Make sure it is dried completely and screw back into the light.  Turn on the light and as the bulb heats up, the lavender scent will be released.  It makes the most wonderful and natural air freshener! 

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