Monday, January 12, 2009

Missed Opportunities

Every year directly after the new year begins, I get the unyielding desire to fix everything that was broken in 2008. I have always been one who wants to fix things, and trust me; if there is nothing broken I have the unique ability to create problems that will need fixing. This year is not special, it is time for me to look around at my world and correct those wheels that are squeaky; and there are many…

Sometimes I think the biggest mistakes I make in life are not the things that I have done wrong, but the things that I have not done at all. Missed opportunities that pass me daily, and I don’t even recognize them for the gifts that they are. Some of the most amazing turning points of my life were actually the result of simple ripples of fate, not booming life altering experiences.

My hope for this year is that I’ll do better savoring the everyday moments. I hope to be more thankful for all the experiences that come my way, especially the ones in which I get to share laughter with those around me that I love so dearly. I pray that my eyes are more open to the important, yet seemingly simple opportunities, that I often cast off as irrelevant or a waste of my time.

Finally, my hope for this year is that I can continue to show those around me how deeply I care for them.

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