Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Blog without a Box

I knew I wanted to put a blog on my website, but was not sure exactly what the rules were. What was the right way, and what was wrong. I started reading as many blogs as I could, to try and discern the proper blogging method. The only common thread that I could find was that the blog was a bit of an excerpt from the mind of the blogger. Just as all of us are unique; so are the blogs that we create. I have read some amazing blogs, and I have read some that caused me to scratch my head in amazement and think, “Whoa, do people really think like that?”

I guess through it all I have realized that there are no rules with blogging; an aspect that I admit I don't feel very comfortable. I like to be firmly placed inside a box of comfort and boundaries. It is not just with blogging, it is with life in general. I like to know what to expect, and know that what I am giving others will meet their expectations. That can't happen when there are no rules, can it?

It is probably no coincidence that my job is to help others put things into boxes, and place the containers neatly away. I enjoy boxes; I like the cleanliness of containerized things. I enjoy order and systems. A line is to be colored inside. It is a rule somewhere... right?
So, here it is. I am stepping out of my world of comfort and giving you an excerpt into my thoughts. In this blog I plan on sharing the everyday ways that I have found to make living my life just a bit more simplified. Organized = Simplified. Does that seem like an oxymoron to you? Do you see people who are organized as having too much time on your hands? I can share with you the secrets to doing more with less time!

Keep reading future blogs and perhaps by me stepping outside of my box, you'll find the strength to push yourself past your own self-imposed limitations.


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